What are you thankful for

   November aromas make my mouth water! The Thanksgiving feast tempts with turkey, dressing, various vegetable dishes, and of course, whipped cream heaped on pumpkin pie. I thoroughly enjoy savoring the smells, delighting in the tastes, and finding pleasure in the decorations and table settings of Thanksgiving dinner. Better yet than these worthy joys are the satisfactions of sharing them with loved ones- friends and family members. I look forward to the music of peals of laughter, the enchantment of youngsters spilling their news, and the pleasure in the discovery of various successes and challenges.


   God intends all these pleasures, these very physical pleasures connected with Thanksgiving Day for us. He takes glee in our enjoyment of food and drink, love and friendship, conversation and laughter. Behind each named blessing stands a Creator who made us for joy, who loves us through each one. He created us for hunger and then to savor the flavors of food that satisfy that hunger. He shaped us for friendship and family- and for many among us He offers us companions on the journey of life. It is this life Jesus has redeemed. He intends for us joy. He invites us to name our blessings and offer our gratitude to the living God. May this Thanksgiving find us naming our blessings and enjoying each one as God’s grateful children.