November Article

   Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I hope this newsletter finds you well!


   We had a spectacular Autumn this year and a very busy October with our yard sale, bake sale, pumpkin sales, and pumpkin fest activities.  To finish the month, we also had Reformation Sunday and welcomed 12 new members to the church. For the month of November, we are actively preparing for our Christmas play and Christmas Cantata, and everyone involved is working hard preparing and rehearsing to make these great events for us.


   November also means that those of us who garden have reaped the harvest from their gardens by now. The other day I saw someone plowing under their garden and it reminded me of an old Gospel song called, “Keep your Hands on the Plow, Hold On.” Like many Gospel songs, there is a Bible verse attached to it. This one is from Luke 9:62 “Jesus replied, "No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God."


   If you have ever tried to plow a field, or rototill a garden, then you know how important it is to hold on to the reigns or handlebars and look forward. As a church, this means the mission and ministry Christ has given us as a congregation is always set in front of us, and the only way to get there from here is to put our hands to the task at hand and look forward. To me, this is what keep your hands on the plow, hold on, and don’t look back means.


   One highlight of November is our November 19th Annual Congregational Meeting and Thanksgiving Dinner. We will have one worship service at 10:00am followed by dinner and a meeting. I know this means budget approvals, council elections, and so on. At first thought, the meeting part may seem a bit boring or mundane, but in a practical sense, this is part of the mission for the kingdom we hold in common. It’s part of keeping our hands on the plow, if you will, and as such, we need to look forward together, as Jesus tells us, to meet the opportunities in mission and ministry together.


   As the Pastor, I will continue to provide spiritual guidance to help leadership make decisions that will help us move into the future. I am encouraging you to participate and be part of our leadership team. My hand is on the plow, and I invite you to place your hands there as well, and together, we will prepare the soil, sow the seed of God’s Word, and labor together in the fruitful Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ here in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area. God’s blessings to you!


   Pr. Rob Taylor