Conversation with Jesus

   Jesus loved to talk one-to-one with people. Here is a quick sample of His
conversations: with John the Baptizer and the thief on the cross, Nicodemus
and the Samaritan woman at the well, Martha and a leper, Simon Peter and
Lazarus, the twelve year old girl and the woman with an issue of blood, the
man with a Legion of demons and the paralytic, Nathaniel and the man born
blind. We know more about His one-to-one ministry than about His preaching.
Like Jesus I love one-to-one conversations. It’s a pleasure to hear their stories,
enjoy their dreams, and join their sufferings. I enjoy just “hanging out.” So the
COVID 19 pandemic has become a hindrance to pastoral care. All during my
ministry years, I’ve suffered from seasonal allergies and the occasional cold.
With a few adjustments like not greeting folks at the door, I’d recover and be
back at work. Now, the symptoms of a cold, or RSV, or allergies echo the
symptoms of COVID-19. When they appear, I’m sidelined. I cannot in good
conscience risk infecting those I would visit, especially the most vulnerable.
What can we do? Let’s pray. Pray for my health. Pray for the hospitalized. Pray
for folks at the end of life. Pray for medical professionals, for hospitals, for
researchers, and for the vulnerable. Finally pray that Jesus would end the