Care & Prayer

Care & Prayer Ministry

Leads congregation in its ministry of sharing Christian love in times of hospitalization, death and other congregational needs. Also aid with meals during Lent.


Education Ministry

Gives leadership to the various Christian education ministries of the church, including Bible study and Catechetical programs.


Fellowship Ministry

Provides opportunities for fellowship within the congregation.


Long Range Planning Ministry

Leads the congregation in developing and planning for the future of the church.


Outreach Ministry

Leads the congregation in reaching out to the unchurched of our community and introduces them to the Christian fellowship opportunities available at Christ the Servant.


Property Ministry

Maintains the buildings and grounds of the church.


Resource Ministry

Encourages giving of time, talents and resources to provide for proper budgetary management of the church. 


Social Ministry

Oversees the congregation's ministry among the needy within the church and the community.


Staff/Church Relations Ministry

Provides for the sharing of concerns and growth of the congregation and salaried staff.


Worship Ministry

Plans the worship life of the congregation.


Youth Ministry

Provides support for the congregation's ministry to the youth of the church and community.


Scholarship Ministry

Provides financial support to those who qualify in furthering their educaion.

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Prayer Circle


Prayer places us in contact with Almighty God.


   Prayer Circle Ministry at Christ the Servant Lutheran Church is a group of like-minded Christians who gather on Tuesday mornings at 10:00am to pray together for people who have requested prayers for specific issues. These prayers are held to a very high standard of privacy and are never discussed outside of the Prayer Circle Ministry. Our motto "What/Who is prayed for in Prayer Circle Ministry stays within Prayer Circle." Jessica Hatoway acts as leader of this ministry, if in need of a prayer request contact the church office at 843-347-4914 or fill out this form.




   On June 26th, 2017 Christ the Servant purchased a 32 niche columbarium. To date, all niches have been sold.


   In February, 2022 Christ the Servant purchased a 16 niche columbarium.The purchase of a niche is open to anyone in our community, you do not have to be a member of our church. If this is where you desire your final resting place to be, our doors are open. Each niche can hold two urns. If interested in viewing the area or purchasing a niche, please call our church at 843-347-4914.


   The beautification of the columbarium is possible through donations. We highly encourage volunteers to help maintain the landscape.

James Ministry


   We come to your home or hospital room, perform a very short service of The Word, lay hands on you and pray for your healing. We will anoint you with a small amount of olive oil, which is infused with the natural oils of frankincense and myrrh, which are traditional anointing oils of the Bible. We also offer the service of Holy Communion.


   You, your spouse or family member may contact the church at 843-347-4914. Please do not hesitate to call upon us, we are a part of your family and care deeply for you.


Pairs & Spares


   A social gathering for friends and family at Christ the Servant. Our committee puts together a warm delicious meal for all to enjoy while embracing fellowship. Starting in September every second Tuesday of the month at 12pm we come together as a community to enjoy life together. We also have a special guest speaker at each gathering. Please consider joining us next month.